Heroes Tribute Scholarship

At ADA University, we recognize the sacrifice of those men and women who have fought for the independence and territorial integrity of their country. Their generation have already made legendary and unprecedented sacrifices, and they still keep doing so. The mightiness of any nation is measured with how they honor their fallen men and women, rally round their flag and continue serving the cause for which those have fallen in war. While there are many ways to honor our country’s heroes, ADA University has chosen to stand at the intersection of real need and lasting impact. Thus, ADA University established ‘Heroes Tribute’ Scholarship in order educate the children of those brave sons of the country. We want to make sure every child of a war hero can attend ADA University and receive a quality education. While doing so, we also want to transform this university into a community, where a sense of citizenship and social responsibility is further upheld and endorsed.
AZN 1,398,168 of AZN 1.5 mln goal
Raised in 1620 days