Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
Albert Einstein

Our Programs

ADA University Foundation has become a significant extension of ADA University in the United States. Known as ADA International, we support degree and non-degree programs of ADA University. Students, faculty and staff of ADA University get a chance to study at ADA International for a semester. Courses are taught by US faculty in our building in Dupont Circle, which has become a charm of Washington DC's Gallery Row.⠀


Applied Science and Engineering

As part of our five-year agreement with The School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) of The George Washington University (GWU), a cohort of some 20 graduate students of engineering from ADA University will spend half a year at ADA International. The cohort is part of a two-year double degree program jointly offered by GWU and ADA University. Upon graduation, students earn Ms in Computer Science from George Washington University and Ms in Data Science and Analytics from ADA University. Courses are taught both in our Dupont Circle building and in Foggy Bottom campus of SEAS. Students will spend Summer and Fall semesters in Washington DC for their graduate study. 

To learn more about and apply to Ms in Computer Science and Data Analytics, offered by ADA University and George Washington University, please visit: 


Educational Leadership and Teaching Excellence

Each year, some 25 ADA faculty participate in this program of professional development held in Washington DC. Taught by experts from major universities in DC area, the program exposes ADA faculty to new trends in educational leadership, and innovative methodologies in teaching and learning.

The course content is enhanced by field trips to nearby universities, where our faculty learn of their best case practices. Biweekly round-table discussions allow Azerbaijani faculty to discuss challenges and opportunities in education with their American peers. The program is a unique opportunity to build a professional network in the United States. 

An extended version of the program is offered in spring semester, while a condensed version of it is offered in summer semester. Some 55 faculty members of ADA University were to visit Washington DC this summer to participate in this program, jointly offered by Summer and Special Programs of GWU and ADA International. That session has got posponed due to Covid-19. 

ADA is also exploring an opportunity to enroll faculty from other Azerbaijani universities in this program. Such a mix of faculty will allow ADA to share its experience and resources with other public universities in Baku.


Global Management and Entrepreneurship

Global Management and Entrepreneurship (GME) is an interdisciplinary minor offered to students currently enrolled in School of Business, School of IT and Engineering, School of Public and International Affairs, and School of Education of ADA University. Top-ranking 15 students are placed in an interdisciplinary team to study at ADA International in Washington DC for 8 weeks over a summer semester. The program is designed to create an understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship in a global context. It integrates academic content, soft skills and project based learning. Students receive applied knowledge while studying in the United States and creating valuable connections in Washington DC area. 

GME at ADA International